Why submit an E-Application Form?

1. You will got a chance to ballot for a queue number to purchase your desired unit.

2. Invitation to view showflat

3. Priority to get 1st hand information on pricing

4. Priority to choose your choice unit

5. It is free, no obligation and no penalty if you did not book an unit.


The Brownstone EC - e-Application

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Frequently Asked Questions on e-application

Who can register for the Brownstone EC?

Any Singaporean or Permanent residents who is interested to buy the Brownstone EC can register with us. We will assess your eligibility to buy the Brownstone EC project upon receiving your e-apps.

If I have registered for an e-apps here but I end up with no interest of buying

the Brownstone EC, will I be penalized or charged a fee?

There is no obligation for registering your interest with us. If you have no intention to buy the brownstone ec at all, there will be no penalty and fee imposed on you.

Do I have to pay any agent fees for buying the Brownstone EC?

No, because we are the direct appointed sales representative of the Brownstone EC.

Can I withdraw my e-apps after registration?

Yes, you can. You may write in to sales@executive-condo.com to indicate that you wish to withdraw your registration at no cost.

After registering my interest for the Brownstone EC project, can I still register another EC project development?

Yes. You can register for another EC project development. There are no restriction imposed on you after registering your interest with Brownstone EC project.